February 11, 2004

Memo to politicians: Don't talk down to students

I'm sick and tired of politicians who complain that students don't get involved in politics, especially when they pass laws to make sure students don't vote. This new law in Georgia that requires a utility bill to register to vote excludes students who live in dormitories ten months out of the year. I don't hear county commissioners whining about students when they're begging students to fill out U.S. census forms at their university addresses so the university town can get federal funds. Students come out to vote for the people who talk about their issues. But "student issues" isn't just more federal student aid programs. It's progressive policies and issues that don't occur to our parents. Start talking about cutting edge issues - global warming, privacy on the internet, new problems in national security - and you'll get students engaged. Doug knows better than to talk down to students, which is why they come out to support him. -- Matt Edwards

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