April 14, 2004

Got questions for Bush?

Who watched the President's press conference last night?

Here's today's question: What question (or questions) would you like to ask the President that either didn't get asked last night, or did get asked, but didn't get answered last night?

Have at it!


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February 11, 2004

Hard to respect the Republicans

I didn't vote for Bob Dole in 1996, and I wouldn't have voted for McCain in 2000, but I respected them. But Bush II is just ridiculous. He's been shameless in letting his campaign contributors take what they want from the country - it sounds like my history class on the robber barons. He doesn't work with the other side, and he's not a reasonable man. He's just plain dangerous, and until he's ousted from office, or until Republicans put an honorable man like John McCain at the head of the party, I'm going to have a hard time respecting anyone who votes Republican. -- Matt Edwards

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