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June 17, 2004

Doug Campaigns in Jefferson County

wrens-2wrensDoug spent Wednesday evening in Wrens going door-to-door campaigning for votes, handing out campaign literature and putting up yard signs for about four hours.

As Doug says, "This is how Democrats win, and how they should campaign. If you don’t know the people, how can you expect to represent them?"

Wednesday, Doug had teams of volunteers canvassing all over the district, focusing on Augusta and Savannah. Doug chose to canvas in Jefferson County.

"It seems like candidates only concentrate on Athens, Augusta, and Savannah, but I’m a little different," said Doug. "I want to be a candidate for the whole district. Just because you don’t live in one of the three biggest cities doesn’t mean that your voice doesn’t matter."

Local voters took the opportunity to quiz Haines on a variety of issues, from the economy to foreign policy. Wrens resident Henry Ross had questions about Iraq, asking Doug his position on the situation abroad.

Doug answered by going right to the point, "I believe we were misled going in. We were lied to."

After meeting with Haines, Ross’s father, William Hatcher, had one final question.

"You sound good now," said Hatcher, "but will you be saying the same things once you get in?"

"Absolutely," said Doug. "In fact, I’ll come right back here in a year, sit on your couch, and tell you what I’ve been doing in Washington."

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