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May 26, 2004

Cook Political Report Declares 12th District Race a "Toss-up," Highlights Vulnerbilities of Burns and Barrow

In an article published on May 24th, non-partisan political handicapper Charlie Cook declared Georgia’s 12th Congressional District to be a "toss-up."

Cook’s analysis of the 12th District Democratic Primary shows that there is no clear front-runner in the race, and highlights the strength of Doug Haines as a candidate, citing his, "commitment to and experience on issues like education, the environment and jobs." The article also addresses Haines’ background as a non-profit public interest lawyer and his legal achievements, including his landmark win establishing and enforcing pollution limits for Georgia’s rivers.

Cook’s analysis also notes vulnerabilities in the campaign of Haines’ closest challenger, Athens-Clarke County Commissioner John Barrow. Touching upon what Cook calls Barrow’s "baggage," the article mentions Barrow’s "consistent failure to prioritize the legitimate interests of the African-American community." Cook also reports that, "There have been some rumblings among Democrats in the district that Barrow needs to improve his relationships with the African-American community."

Cook also addresses the much-discussed vulnerability of the Republican incumbent, Max Burns, describing Burns as the "most vulnerable Republican incumbent in the House."

A complete text of the article can be found here

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May 14, 2004

Open Thread: May 14th

Today is the 200th anniversary of the departure of Lewis and Clark on their famous journey across the country to the Pacific. We're down to just over ten weeks until the primary election, so lets see what's on your mind in today's open thread.

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May 07, 2004

After the Public Education Forum

The press release says it best...

Haines Blasts Republicans on Education

Doug Haines, Democratic candidate for Congress in the 12th district, assailed the Bush administration and incumbent Congressman Max Burns as he listened to concerns of local educators Wednesday night at a public education forum in Athens.

Haines attacked the No Child Left Behind act for “setting up our public schools to fail,” and labeled the act as “a cynical attempt by social conservatives to advance their position on school vouchers.” “George Bush and the Republicans consider public education a nuisance and a failure,” said Haines. “The real failures here are the failures of leadership shown by George Bush and Max Burns. Public education has always been what makes our nation succeed, and it is the best investment we can make in our future. It is time for a real change in Washington, and we need a Congressman who will stand up to George W. Bush on these issues.”

Haines listened as local educators, administrators, and parents voiced concerns about funding for public education, increasing access to Head Start, and cuts in arts education. He presented parts of his legislative agenda on public education, highlighting proposals to provide universal early learning opportunities, raise teacher salaries, and lower classroom sizes.

“We must show our teachers the respect that they deserve,” said Haines. “It’s a sad situation when the professionals that hold our future in their hands are being paid so poorly.”

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