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March 25, 2004

After the Debate

The debate was fantastic last night; about 130 people turned out to watch the Democratic candidates talk about their ideas, issues, and experience. In my (admittedly biased) opinion, Doug won in a landslide.

Topics in the debate covered a wide range of issues. There were the major issues: jobs, the economy, foreign policy, health care, and education. In addition, we were able to talk about some issues that don't get the attention they deserve, like keeping military bases in the 12th District open, electronic voting, and the Athens Clarke County rental registration ordinance.

The Athens Banner-Herald has this to say.

And the University of Georgia's newspaper, The Red and Black, wrote this.

Anyone at the debate last night? Let's hear your opinion!

Martin Matheny

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Doug was definitely the most engaging candidate on stage. Great job, Doug!

Posted by: Charisma Matters at Mar 25, 2004 9:54:25 AM

While the event went wonderfully, I thought the press coverage of it was atrocious. Both the R/B and the ABH really dropped the ball on coverage--the R/B was really biased towards Barrow, and the ABH was just... well bad. Not really anything bad for Doug, just semi-shoddy coverage.

I thought that Doug really knocked the ball out of the park, even on the hotter issues like Israel and gay marriage. I feel like Barrow especially dropped the ball on both gay marriage and rental registration--and the audience members who connected the two really put him in a hard spot. Tony Center gave me shivers when he busted out his almost flat tax--only 2 tax brackets above the $27,000 level? Yikes--sounds a little scary for me. Sure, it'd be simple, but I dont like someone making $30,000 paying the same percentage of tax as someone making $130,000---just doesnt sound right to me. I thought Caine handled himself really well--never knew he came from a openly-gay family. I dont like his constant harping on how he had so much Washington experience--I dont think that is nearly as important as.

And that's all I have to say about that.

Posted by: Marcus Owens at Mar 25, 2004 3:32:27 PM

Doug Haines was absolutly great at the debate, he had great answers for all the questions, and he looked great compared to [EDITED], John Barrow next to him. Doug is the best candidate for this district !!

Posted by: Timmy! at Mar 25, 2004 9:30:10 PM

Why does John Barrow continue to defend rental registration? We don't need a constitution-demolishing Democrat in the House. It's bad enough John Ashcroft is wiping his feet on the sacred document, now Barrow is joining him. (See today's Red and Black editioral cartoon).

Posted by: AthRes at Mar 25, 2004 10:41:28 PM

I think this campaign would do well to keep in mind that many of Doug's supporters were also supporters of rental regulation. It might also help to remember that this is hardly an issue for a congressional campaign. Please!
For the information of Mr. AthRes and some of the rest of you, Athens rental regulation was deemed unconstitutional by the tiniest little court possible. It has been upheld in much higher courts. Our commission simply decided to lower the level of rancor for a while and try some other methods of acheiving the desired results. If you have to be against rental regulation to support Doug, then I want my money back so I can find another candidate to support!

Posted by: AthensRebuttal at Mar 26, 2004 4:52:51 PM

As far as I know, Doug doesn't have a stance on rental reg--nor should he, really--whomever brought up the point that its not a congressional issue--I totally agree.

Thing is, Barrow has handled the whole rental reg. issue with a whole "students be damned" sort of attitude--and that is what concerns me.

Those of you in favor of rental reg--why? I've never really heard many arguements from the positive side of things, and I'd like to hear so I can more carefully formulate my opinion. Thanks all!

Posted by: Marcus at Mar 28, 2004 1:02:27 AM

The problem with John Barrow and his attitude toward rental registration is this: Many opponents of the proposed ordinance wanted some form of rental registration. But what the commission offered put the whole cost of the program on the renters (My rent would have gone up at least 15% to cover the registration fee and to pay for a property manager, since my landlord was out of town) and we felt the issues of privacy and self incrimination were not addressed, which ultimately killed the thing.
I asked point blank, why should renters who have and will do nothing wrong have to pay for this, when there are homeowners out there who are violating all of your precious quality of life ordinances?
Barrow said that we were in bed with the slumlords of Atlanta because of our position. He refused to budge, and now instead of working out an ordinance that a large part of the 'vocal minority' could support, we're back right where we started, only with a lot less cash in the County's bank account.
Rental registration itself is not an issue for a congressional campaign. But John Barrow's attitude toward the people he seeks to represent is. I'm just thankful Doug Haines is in the race so I can vote for a candidate I believe in and not just against Barrow and Burns.

Posted by: Fritz Gibson at Mar 29, 2004 2:57:27 PM

Best of luck with fundraising at quarter's end!

Take back the Democratic party!

Posted by: Dean Democrat at Mar 31, 2004 1:45:49 PM

In my opinion, I thought John Barrow won the debate. Unlike everyone else, he looked and acted like a professional.

Posted by: Kelli deVegter at Jul 4, 2004 8:58:39 AM