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February 13, 2004

Who's making our choices on choice?

I know that this is a few months old, but it still really gets me angry. A few months ago, President Bush signed into law one of the worst assaults on a woman’s right to choose in recent memory: the ban on late-term abortion. As is typical for one of Bush’s photo ops, he was surrounded by the usual chorus of dark-suited legislative yes-men. But in this case, I noticed something really frightening about the photo. Bush and his cronies (Hyde, Santorum, Orrin Hatch, and of course Tom Delay) are all smiles as yet another right is stripped away by an oppressive government. The scary thing is this: They were all middle-aged, white, and male. So who really is making our choices? -- Katie Stein

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Good to see Doug's got a blog up!

I saw campaign ads on DailyKos & Eschaton/Atrios. Great idea & a good way to get some more contributions.

I worked on Doug's state senate campaign in 2002. Good luck, guys.

Posted by: Adam at Feb 14, 2004 5:01:27 PM

Why do Democrats believe that the only right anyone should have is whether or not someone should be able to murder an innocent unborn human being? Liberals believe that the government should control education, economic transactions, wealth, speech (e.g., repressive college speech codes) and everything else under the sun, but when it comes to the most fundamental right of the most fundamentally weak people in America, the unborn, liberals will do anything they can to protect a 'woman's right to choose' whether another human being lives or dies. Perhaps nothing says as much about the morally bankrupt status of today's Democratic Party as its defense of the heinous, Josef Mengele-style partial birth abortion.

Posted by: Bill Myers at May 9, 2005 2:00:46 PM

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