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February 15, 2004

Doug at fundraiser for Common Ground

Last night, Doug and I attended a fundraiser for Common Ground, a "Progressive Resource Center" for the progressive community in Athens. The event was held at Tasty World, with great music (it's good to see that Athens is coming into its own as a center for underground hip-hop), and even fire dancers. Common Ground is a great organization, uniting numerous established and growing progressive causes in the Athens Area, and I think it's important to note that Doug was the only candidate who took the time to attend. Even more impressive, he had been campaigning in Augusta all day Saturday and is going back today (Sunday). It's good to see a candidate who views "progressive" as more than a label of convenience. Common Ground needs your help, too. In addition to money, they have a wish list of items they need, from computers to magazine subscriptions. Doug Haines also needs you help, so click on our donate link and make a contribution today. Then, head over to http://www.commongroundathens.org and match your contribution. This is a great way to help out progressive causes twice in less than five minutes. -- Martin Matheny

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I'm an Athens voter who will likely vote for Doug in the primary, but I just saw the Haines blog-ad over on Calpundit, which says "Vote Democrat not Aristocrat" over what looks to be a caricature of Barrow (or is it supposed to be Burns? Looks more like Barrow than Burns IMO). If that is a cartoon of Barrow, that just seems like an uncool (and cheesy-looking) ad to me. Haines can beat Barrow on the merits, not by running silly-looking, low-budget attack ads like that. They don't make Doug look like a serious candidate--change the ad.

Posted by: Athens Voter at Feb 16, 2004 6:11:34 PM

Perception is a weird thing isn't it? I thought it was Burns, who certainly seems to be the stereotypical cigar-chomping out-of-touch and yes aristocratic politician.
I'm an Athens voter too, and have voted for Doug Haines in the past, and will continue to in the future, not just because of the merits, but because Doug has a reputation for being a clean politician. I'd bet that we'll see John Barrow go negative long before Doug Haines.
Is John Barrow an "aristocrat"? That's a completely different question, and like the ad, up to one's perception.


Posted by: tallglassofreality at Feb 16, 2004 6:47:46 PM

Thanks for the response, Tall. Yeah, perception is always subjective, so maybe I was reading the ad in ways that others don't (though the hairstyle and Barrow's old-family lineage certainly suggested JB to me). Fair enough. Though, just on aesthetic grounds, as someone who wants Doug to win, I'm still not a fan of the ad. Just looks a litttle chintzy and unserious, like a poster for student-council president or something. I'm not advocating stuffy (the ad Barrow is running in the blogosphere is dull and generic), and I liked the previous ad ok. I just think something a little less cartoony might be stronger. Peace backatcha.

Posted by: Athens Voter at Feb 16, 2004 7:31:05 PM

I, too, came here because I saw the "Democrat, not Aristocrat" ad. It is an insult to my intelligence. What is worse, your contribution page asks "Who is the greatest threat to democracy?", and the correct answer seems to be "every Republican".

Your childish promotion and blatant partisan politics have cost you my vote, and those of everyone I can convince.

Posted by: MDVega at Feb 16, 2004 7:50:02 PM

Partisan? Guilty as charged. We are a partisan campaign, a necessary by-product of a multiple party system. I don't think that Doug would be running for Congress if there were not some very serious ideological differences between his views and those of the current office-holder.
I for one would much rather see "blatant partisan politics" than the subtle racial and class warfare practiced so disingenously by some politicians, admittedly of both parties.
Concerning the "Who is the greatest threat to democracy" question, this is not a new discussion. The names of these men have been brought into the public discourse before this. Rush Limbaugh for his heavy-handed accusations of non-patriotism to anyone who dares dissent. Rick Santorum for having the audacity to compare a legitimate relationship between consenting adults to incest and bestiality. John Ashcroft for shilling for legislation that provides dubious protection at best and may cost us many of our Constitutional rights in the long run. Tom Delay for campaigning on abolishing the Department of Education, and by extension depriving our children of the right to scholastic success. These criticisms and many more have been brought into the public discourse by the media, by bloggers, by everyday citizens. "Every Republican" was not an answer to that question, and indeed would be a sweeping generalization.
It boils down to this: Since election of the recent Congress, with Republican majorities in both houses, our civil rights have been threatened, our economic livelihoods have been threatened, and our lives and those of our soldiers in the Middle East continue to be threatened. All of these actions were committed by a partisan Congress, with a partisan majority and partisan minority. But if we refuse to criticize the Republican party, we will not provide the voters with any option at all.

Posted by: Martin Matheny at Feb 16, 2004 9:25:26 PM

I don't know, I thought the ad was kind of funny. Some stuff should be tongue-in-cheek - that's why they call it satire. I've always liked Doug because he's not too serious to joke around - something I much prefer to a candidate "too important to joke with the plebes."

Posted by: Koozie at Feb 19, 2004 11:46:08 AM

"Satire" yes - stpidity no. i admit the ad was pretty funny, though. but it shouldn't go overboard.

Posted by: Chribby1983 at Feb 19, 2004 11:48:02 AM

doug, thanks for coming out to the the common ground event. it was great talking to you & martin there. it's exciting to see your ads on numerous other blogs too! just saw it at 'talking points memo.' keep in touch w/ us normaltown folks.

Posted by: brent buice at Feb 23, 2004 12:46:50 PM