July 14, 2004

Savannah Alderman Jeff Felser Endorses Doug

Savannah Alderman-at-Large Jeff Felser, former chairman of the Democratic Party of Chatham County, announced this evening that he is supporting former State Senator Doug Haines in the 12th District Congressional Primary. Felser’s surprise announcement came moments before a candidate forum sponsored by the Savannah branch of the NAACP.

"I’ve had the opportunity to repeatedly speak at length to all four Congressional candidates," Felser said. "I made my choice based on what’s best for our community. Doug is the only Democratic Congressional candidate that has shown a dedication to improving local economic conditions and giving everyone a seat at the economic table. He’s demonstrated that he’s committed, he’s a fighter, and he has the ability to lead, just like he did in the State Senate when he fought to pass the nation’s toughest Predatory Lending law."

Felser also addressed Doug’s policy proposals, known as the Better Deal.

"As part of local government, I know how important it is to have strong leadership that will fight to strengthen our communities from within," said Felser. "Doug knows that all politics is local, and he has pledged to work with us to get the funding to invest in building schools, roads, bridges, and other crucial infrastructure that is a pressing and timely need in our communities."

Doug said, "I’m honored to have Jeff Felser lend his voice to my campaign for a real change in Washington. The fight for economic equality is one that will require the efforts of every leader at every level of government. I’m ready to lead that fight in Congress, just as Jeff has been leading the fight here in Savannah."

Felser joins a long list of local, regional, and state leaders who have endorsed Doug, including Savannah Alderwoman Mary Osborne, the Savannah Interdenominational Ministerial Alliance, the National Education Association, and the Georgia Association of Educators.

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Doug Endorsed by Prominent Athens Minister

The Reverend Dr. David Batts of Greater Bethel AME Church in Athens announced today that he is endorsing Doug in the 12th District Democratic Primary.

"I’ve had the honor of knowing Doug Haines and his good works in the community for some time. Doug is a good friend to our community and I was proud to support him as a State Senator," said Batts. "The citizens of Athens owe Doug Haines a debt of gratitude for his work in the State Senate, and especially his efforts to improve the quality of public education in our community. Doug is the kind of leader we need in Congress – a man of integrity, character, and vision. I’m proud to stand with Doug Haines, and I will be working to spread his message to my congregation and my community."

Doug thanked Batts for his endorsement and support. "Pastor Batts is a vital part of the community in Athens, and his support strengthens my campaign for Congress. I look forward to working closely with David on the campaign trail. As a candidate, I value his input and advice, and as a Congressman, I will call on him frequently."

Batts joins other prominent 12th District religious leaders in endorsing Doug, including Reverend Dr. James Washington of Athens, and Savannah’s Interdemoninational Ministerial Alliance.

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National and State Teacher Organizations Send Doug to Head of Class

In one of the most significant endorsements of the 2004 election cycle, the National Education Association and the Georgia Association of Educators announced that they are endorsing Doug in the 12th District Democratic Congressional Primary. The NEA represents approximately 2.7 million educators across America, while the GAE comprises over 38,000 Georgia teachers.

"I’m especially excited to have the support of the NEA and the GAE," Doug said. "I’ve always fought for our teachers, our public schools, and our children. Having the support of these great organizations represents a vote of confidence that is gratifying and humbling. I’m honored to stand with our heroes in the classroom in bringing a chorus of voices for change to Washington."

GAE President Merchuria Chase Williams said, "We were proud to support Doug Haines during his State Senate career, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to renew our support in his campaign to represent the 12th District in Congress. The NEA and GAE do not take endorsements lightly, and we chose Doug because of both his record of results in the State Senate and his vision and ideas on how to improve our schools."

As a State Senator, Doug worked on a number of issues relating to children and public education, including securing funding for a pilot program of the Georgia Early Learning Initiative, and appropriating the necessary money to build new schools and hire thousands of new teachers.

As a candidate for Congress, Doug has released a detailed education platform, "A Better Deal for Public Education," which focuses on educational issues from pre-kindergarten through college. Doug’s education policy can be found in detail here.

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July 07, 2004

Commissioner Marion Williams Endorses Doug

marion_williamsAugusta-Richmond Commissioner Marion Williams announced today that he is endorsing in the 12th District Congressional Primary. Williams, pastor of Friendship Baptist Church in Augusta, is serving his second term on the Augusta-Richmond County Commission.

Williams cited Doug's record and dedication to economic development as key reasons for his endorsement of Haines.

"I love Augusta and as a part of our local government, I know what great potential it has as a community," Williams said. "In order for us to realize that potential, Augusta needs strong leadership looking out for us in Washington. Doug Haines has the right ideas on how to help Augusta succeed economically, he has the record of results that shows he can get the job done in Congress, and he is the best candidate to take on Max Burns."

Doug said, "My campaign is focused on building stronger communities and forging healthy relationships between our local government and the federal government. Having the support and confidence of local leaders like Marion demonstrates their commitment to realizing the goal of making all of our communities safe, healthy, and thriving economically."

Williams joins a growing list of state and community leaders who are uniting behind Haines’ candidacy, including State Representative Alberta Anderson, Savannah Alderwoman Mary Osborne, and State Senators Ed Harbison, and Carol Jackson.

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June 17, 2004

Doug Campaigns in Jefferson County

wrens-2wrensDoug spent Wednesday evening in Wrens going door-to-door campaigning for votes, handing out campaign literature and putting up yard signs for about four hours.

As Doug says, "This is how Democrats win, and how they should campaign. If you don’t know the people, how can you expect to represent them?"

Wednesday, Doug had teams of volunteers canvassing all over the district, focusing on Augusta and Savannah. Doug chose to canvas in Jefferson County.

"It seems like candidates only concentrate on Athens, Augusta, and Savannah, but I’m a little different," said Doug. "I want to be a candidate for the whole district. Just because you don’t live in one of the three biggest cities doesn’t mean that your voice doesn’t matter."

Local voters took the opportunity to quiz Haines on a variety of issues, from the economy to foreign policy. Wrens resident Henry Ross had questions about Iraq, asking Doug his position on the situation abroad.

Doug answered by going right to the point, "I believe we were misled going in. We were lied to."

After meeting with Haines, Ross’s father, William Hatcher, had one final question.

"You sound good now," said Hatcher, "but will you be saying the same things once you get in?"

"Absolutely," said Doug. "In fact, I’ll come right back here in a year, sit on your couch, and tell you what I’ve been doing in Washington."

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June 15, 2004

State Representative Alberta Anderson Endorses Haines

anderson_alberta_h100State Representative Alberta Anderson (D-Waynesboro) announced today that she is endorsing Doug in the 12th District Congressional Primary.

Anderson, who serves all of Burke County and part of Richmond County, is a member of the committees on Banks and Banking and Health and Human Services. She also serves as Vice Chairman of the Committee on Children and Youth.

"I know Doug Haines from the State Legislature, and I know that he will be a strong advocate for the issues that matter in the 12th District, like job creation, access to affordable healthcare, and making our public schools something to be proud of," said Anderson. "My constituents in Burke County are ready for a change, Georgia is ready for a change, and America is ready for a change. Doug Haines is the candidate who will stand up for us against George Bush, Max Burns, and the conservative agenda."

"I’m looking forward to working with Alberta in Burke County and on the campaign trail," said Haines. "Alberta is a dedicated public servant and a real advocate for our children. I’m honored to have her support."

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June 08, 2004

Doug Endorsed by Rev. James Washington

The Reverend Dr. James Washington of Athens announced today that he is endorsing Doug. Reverend Washington, pastor of New Grove Baptist Church in Clarke County, has been serving the spiritual needs of the community for 24 years.

"I’ve known Doug Haines as a State Senator and as a leader in our community. He has always stood up for the voices that are under-represented in politics, and he has a record of making the process more open and inclusive to minorities," Washington said. "We need more voices like Doug’s in the halls of Congress. I am proud to support Doug in the Democratic Primary, and I urge everyone who is ready for a real change in Washington, DC to do the same."

In a statement released today, Doug said, "Dr. Washington is a community leader in the truest sense of the word. I am deeply honored to have his support in my campaign for Congress."

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Meetup, June 28, 2004

This month's meetup will be our last opportunity to discuss the primary election. Please stop by the campaign headquarters at 254 West Clayton Street in downtown Athens to talk with Doug, pick up a yard sign, and sign up for our July volunteer opportunities. We'll also be discussing GOTV activities.

Time: 6-8p
Location: 254 W. Clayton Street
Purpose: Put Doug Haines in Congress

For more information contact Brittany Freeman (706-296-1848) or Brandon Dial (706-833-7490).

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May 26, 2004

Cook Political Report Declares 12th District Race a "Toss-up," Highlights Vulnerbilities of Burns and Barrow

In an article published on May 24th, non-partisan political handicapper Charlie Cook declared Georgia’s 12th Congressional District to be a "toss-up."

Cook’s analysis of the 12th District Democratic Primary shows that there is no clear front-runner in the race, and highlights the strength of Doug Haines as a candidate, citing his, "commitment to and experience on issues like education, the environment and jobs." The article also addresses Haines’ background as a non-profit public interest lawyer and his legal achievements, including his landmark win establishing and enforcing pollution limits for Georgia’s rivers.

Cook’s analysis also notes vulnerabilities in the campaign of Haines’ closest challenger, Athens-Clarke County Commissioner John Barrow. Touching upon what Cook calls Barrow’s "baggage," the article mentions Barrow’s "consistent failure to prioritize the legitimate interests of the African-American community." Cook also reports that, "There have been some rumblings among Democrats in the district that Barrow needs to improve his relationships with the African-American community."

Cook also addresses the much-discussed vulnerability of the Republican incumbent, Max Burns, describing Burns as the "most vulnerable Republican incumbent in the House."

A complete text of the article can be found here

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March 09, 2004

Poll: Haines Only Democrat Leading Burns

Recently, our campaign commissioned a survey of the voters in the 12th District. We were very excited about the results, and we hope you will be too. Here's the press release!

Athens – March 10, 2004 – A new poll released by Doug Haines’ Congressional campaign reveals that Max Burns (R-GA) is extremely vulnerable and could easily lose his seat to Democratic challenger Doug Haines in November. The poll, commissioned by the Haines campaign in early February, surveyed voters throughout the 12th Congressional District and was conducted by Cooper and Secrest Associates, a polling firm located in Washington, DC.

The survey shows that former State Senator Doug Haines of Athens holds a commanding lead (51% to 37%) over Burns in the 12th District. Of the candidates, Haines is the only contender who leads Burns.

In the four-way Democratic Primary, the poll indicates that three of the four challengers are statistically tied. However, in a two-way matchup between the two leading candidates, Haines and Athens-Clarke County Commissioner John Barrow, Haines leads Barrow by 8%.

Alan Secrest, president of Cooper and Secrest Associates summed up the survey’s findings. “A talented and progressive Democrat with Doug Haines’ background and experience will take out this placeholder incumbent, Max Burns, and hold this seat for Democrats for years to come.”

Cooper and Secrest Associates has surveyed voters for candidates across the country. In Georgia, they have worked for many candidates, including: Sam Nunn, John Lewis, Denise Majette, and Thurbert Baker.

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